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IP Tools

IP Location Tool
Get location information of specific IP Adress or specific hostname. This tool will show the country, city, and the approximate location map of the server.

IP Distance
Get the distance between two IP Addresses or Hostnames. You will know the location of the servers and the distance (mile/kilometer) of those servers.

IP to Hostname
Convert IP Adress into Hostname

IP Whois
Get the information of the IP Adress. You will know the location, the ISP, the range and contact information.

Hostname Tools

Domain Whois
Get information of domain name. You will know the registrar, the contact information, the server, etc.

Host NSLookup
Query NS server using nslookup command. You will know information from Name Server about the hostname.

Dig DNS Lookup
Query NS Server using dig command. This command is better than nslookup.

Hostname to IP
Convert Hostname into IP Address.

Network Tools

MX Lookup
Get MX Records for known hostname.

Encode URL
Encode URL. URL Encoding is the process of converting string into valid URL format.

Decode URL
Decode URL. Decodes any %## encoding in the given string.